CRF-Sponsored Summer Fellowships

The application cycle for summer 2022 research funding has closed. Information about the summer 2023 application cycle will be posted when it becomes available.

Please note: these fellowships are only available to Georgetown University undergraduate students. We do not accept applications from students enrolled in other institutions.

Summer Funded Mentored Research (Recommended for STEM field applicants)


Summer Funded Independent Research Fellowship (2022: Global Mobility)

Raines Fellowship

Summer Research for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Environmental Sciences

Kalorama Fellowship

International Travel: Undergraduate students proposing international travel as a part of their research application need to complete the steps outlined on this webpage: (new window). Students should review the webpage closely and also visit the section, “Undergraduate Student International Travel,” which is a drop-down menu. There, students will find the “International Travel Authorization Application for Undergraduates.”

Our summer funded-research fellowships offer Georgetown undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a funded experience over the summer allowing inquiry with greater depth over more time.

Are you interested in applying for a summer funded-research fellowship?

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