Our Summer Research Fellowships

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Georgetown University’s Center for Research & Fellowships administers four dynamic summer research opportunities: 

  • Kalorama Fellowship (Current first-year, sophomore, and junior students in the humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences can apply for up to $5,000. Students working on part-time Kalorama awards may receive up to $2,500.)
  • Lisa J. Raines Fellowship (Current sophomore and junior students in any major can apply for up to $5,000. Projects may be collaborative with two student researchers; if that is the case, each student on a collaborative project will receive up to $2,500.)
  • Provost’s Distinguished Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Current sophomore and junior students in any major can apply for up to $6,000.)
  • SMURF – Summer Mentored Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Current first-year, sophomore, and junior students in any major can apply for up to $5,000 for a full-time project. Students working on part-time SMURF awards may receive up to $2,500.)

Deadlines for Summer 2024

  • The application cycle for summer 2024 CRF-sponsored research fellowships is closed. Information about summer 2025 will be posted during the fall 2024 semester.

Contact Information

Please write to undergradresearch@georgetown.edu with questions or to join our listserv.

Contact a Peer Mentor

Students preparing applications for the summer 2024 research fellowships are invited to contact a senior peer mentor who has previously received one of the CRF-sponsored summer fellowships for advice on application and proposal development.

Payment Information

More information about payments will be included in accepted students’ award letters.

Having an active Supplier ID with up-to-date information (e.g., direct deposit, mailing address) and having signed and dated the award letter will help ensure payment occurs in a timely way. We highly recommend that you set up direct deposit if this is an option.

Note: If you choose to have a check mailed to you, it is crucial that you have an up-to-date mailing address. Having an old mailing address will significantly delay receipt. 

Eligibility and Rules

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled Georgetown University undergraduates to apply and during their participation in the fellowship program.
  • CRF-sponsored summer research fellowships are an equal opportunity to all current Georgetown University undergraduates regardless of immigration status.
  • In general, acceptance of a CRF-administered fellowship award precludes students from having full-time summer employment or another summer research award. 
  • Students can apply to more than one of the CRF-administered summer fellowships, but can only participate in one of them if admitted to multiple.
  • Students proposing part-time Kalorama or SMURF fellowship projects can submit either a five-week (consecutive) timeline of full-time research work or a ten-week timeline of part-time research work.
  • Students must have a Georgetown Supplier ID established at the time of application. (If possible, it is best to select the ACH/direct deposit option. Old mailing addresses [e.g., a previous residence hall address] will significantly delay payment.) If you previously applied for a Supplier ID, check that it is still active on the website of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. If the Supplier ID is inactive, you will need to apply for a new one.
  • Any non-US citizen who receives funds through the summer research fellowship programs must complete a Glacier account.
  • Summer research grant awards administered by the Center for Research & Fellowships cannot be used for academic course credit. 
  • All application materials, including the letter of recommendation, must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.
  • Applicants applying to more than one summer research fellowships need to ask their recommender to submit a letter of recommendation for each of the opportunities versus submitting one letter for all of them. 
  • Applicants proposing to conduct research outside of the United States as a part of their project must complete the steps outlined on this webpage, before their proposed travel begins, in order to be considered for award funding. Please email undergradresearch@georgetown.edu with the results of the process. This official authorization is necessary in order for CRF to review applications.
  • Students who are accepted into one of the fellowship programs agree to turn in a research project following the guidance outlined in their award letters, as well as to follow all requirements outlined in the award letter. 
  • Students who are admitted to a fellowship program must sign and date their award letter, and return it to the CRF. Award letters will be sent via DocuSign.

Some Other Campus Opportunities

For more information on funded semester or summer research opportunities, please visit this non-exhaustive list of opportunities on the campus:

(Updated October 2023)