Provost’s Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards

The Provost Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards (PURPAs) support students who want to bring the findings of their research to a professional or scholarly community, or to other venues.

Application Form Here.

FUNDING: Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis and subject to available funds. Awards typically range from $100 to $500, with a maximum of $500 per student. Students are only eligible for one award during their undergraduate careers.

ELIGIBILITY: PURPAS funding is open to currently enrolled Georgetown undergraduate students with a preference for junior and senior students. Note: Seniors who are applying to use PURPAS funding for after they graduate must submit all of their application materials by April 15 (prior to a May graduation) or November 15 (prior to a December graduation). In this case, the date of the presentation for which they are applying for PURPAS funding must be on or before September 30 (for seniors who graduated in May) or April 30 (for seniors who graduated in December). Faculty sponsors must be Georgetown faculty, but can be from any school or discipline; they must write a short letter or email addressing the importance of the activity and its contribution to your educational development.

PURPAS Awards support travel-related expenses for students who are presenting research (scholarly paper/posters) or performing their creative work beyond Georgetown’s campus.

International Travel: Undergraduate students proposing international travel as part of their PURPAS application need to complete the steps outlined on this webpage, BEFORE THEIR PROPOSED TRAVEL BEGINS, in order to be considered for funding: Please email with the results of the process, which applicants should receive via the Office of Global Services. The official authorization from OGS is necessary in order for CRF to review applications.r

EVALUATION: Merit-based awarding decisions are based on the following criteria:

  1. Professional or scholarly significance of presentation, performance, or publication venue;
  2. Student development of, and commitment to, their project;
  3. Relevance of the project to your future goals.

APPLICATION: Complete Application Consists of:

  1. Submission of this application form
  2. A letter of support from a faculty member
  3. Confirmation of your paper/project’s acceptance
  4. Resume/C.V.
  5. Unofficial transcript

Please have your faculty member directly send their letter of support to You should send the acceptance, your resume, and your unofficial transcript by email attachment to