What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is competitive, merit-based experiential award that provides recipients with the financial means, a supportive community, and skills in which to further one’s academic or professional trajectory. 

Explore your options

We encourage you to begin exploring your options by reviewing the fellowships and scholarships we routinely advise on here.

There are fellowships available for all class years (including grad students and alumni) and options for any discipline.

Note: some fellowships require GU nomination or endorsement, meaning that you must apply through our office first. There are also many fellowships that allow for direct application – however, we are still here to support and advise you even if applying “through us” isn’t required.

Identify your goals

Fellowships serve as both a propeller and an accelerator allowing you to pursue a meaningful academic and/or professional goal centered on making a transformative impact.

What kind of change do you wish to see in the world? Where do your talents and interests meet in service of tackling wicked problems?

While you might not exactly have the answers to these questions right now, it is important to have identified a few potential paths – after all, the fellowship will take you places, but you must have idea of what direction you are headed.

Work with an advisor

We are here to advise you! No two fellowships are the same. Each fellowship will look for particular qualities, interests, and goals among its recipients – and each fellowship will have a different application process. 

As full-time advisors, we work with prospective applicants in determining your “fit” for certain fellowships and will support you throughout the application development, submissions, and interview preparation processes.

If you have questions about advising, or to identify the appropriate advisor, please email us at fellowships@georgetown.edu or learn more about our team here.