The Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme

The Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme provides outstanding university graduates and young professionals from all over the world with the opportunity to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford. Additionally, students will participate in a comprehensive program of Leadership Development, long-term mentoring and networking.

Scholars will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend the annual Leadership and Public Policy Seminar
  • Embark on a Study Tour — in the past scholars have visited Northern Ireland (2009) and Brussels and Berlin (2008).
  • Engage in the public Weidenfeld debates
  • Participate in a public policy analysis workshop, communications skills training, ISD network and mentoring, among others.

There are two main programmes within the scholarship

The Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme

The Louis Dreyfus Foundation

The Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to promote sustainable agriculture, food security and self-sufficiency, particularly through education and direct support to farmers, with a specific focus on developing countries in the above-mentioned regions. One of the Foundation’s goals is to address the challenge facing humanity to double global food production in a sustainable way in order to feed a rapidly growing population.


  • Students must be from the following regions: Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, the Caucuses, Middle East and Africa. In addition, a few places will be available to students from the United States.
  • Only graduate students may apply.
  • The Scholarship must be used to support any postgraduate course of study at the University of Oxford.

Application Process:

  • Students must apply to the program at the same time as applying to Oxford. Please see the website for more information.

Deadline: January 2019


Please contact for more information.