Service Learning & Social Impact

There are many innovation and social impact opportunities available to you at Georgetown University through various departments, initiatives, fellowships, and research centers. The list below includes many, but not all, of opportunities found on campus.

Beeck Center’s GU Impacts Fellowship Program

GU Impacts Fellows participate in an eight-month fellowship centered on a 10-12 week summer project with cutting-edge organizations and social enterprises in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Center for Social Justice Alternative Breaks Program

The Alternative Breaks Program (ABP) offers student-led, social justice-oriented trips over spring break throughout the U.S. and abroad. Every program facilitates student interaction and emphasizes the need for students to learn firsthand about social justice issues.

100 Projects for Peace

100 Projects for Peace is an initiative for undergraduate students at Georgetown to design their own grassroots peace projects anywhere in the world. The CSJ awards one student or a team of two students $10,000 to implement their peace project.

Georgetown Environment Initiative Impact Program

The Impact Program is designed to provide funding to seed new directions and collaborations for environmental research, seminar series, educational programs, and outreach programs that show significant potential.

Georgetown Social Innovation and Public Service Fund

The Social Innovation and Public Service (SIPS) Fund provides funding and support for projects that serve the public good domestically and internationally. SIPS funds undergraduates and alumni.

gui2de Student Experiences

Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation internships for both undergraduate and graduate students with a focus on economics and development. Students are placed in locations where gui2de has current research projects, such as East Africa and India.

McCourt Policy in Practice

McCourt Policy in Practice (MPiP) provides students with the opportunity to partner with local communities and nonprofit organizations in developing countries to use rigorous policy tools in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable, evidence-based development projects that address identified needs.

BSFS Improving the Human Conditions Grant

Improving the Human Condition Grant offers funding to BSFS students engaged in meaningful summer projects that improve the quality of life for others. These projects may be conducted through structured internships, research assistantships, or independent work.

Global Human Development Program – Summer Field Project

The Summer Field Project supports students who have completed two years of undergraduate study. Students work as interns at overseas field sites for 10-12 weeks with a variety of development organizations, including NGOs, aid agencies, development consulting firms, social enterprises, multinational corporations, and foundations.

Security Studies Program Summer Research Grant

The Summer Research Grant is offered to Security Studies Program students who seek funding for domestic or international summer research, language immersion, and domestic or international internships.