Becoming A Fellowship Candidate

Registration as a Fellowship Candidate

For fellowship competitions that require official university endorsement, university committees select candidates. Deadlines for application for these endorsements will be found on the Office of Fellowships & Awards website under the specific fellowship listing. Though some competitions happen earlier, for example the Truman, most of these competitions come toward the end of the undergraduate years.

Nevertheless, the Office of Fellowships & Awards strongly encourages all interested students to register with us as early as the second semester of sophomore year. Registration is not a commitment. Students can withdraw their registration at any time. However, registering candidacy does allow a student to receive in depth and long-term individual counseling on ways to develop to the level of excellence his or her unique set of skills, interests and experiences.

Registration also allows students to become eligible to participate in skill-based presentation workshops hosted by Gervase. These workshops are available only to those who have registered as candidates.

But please note: you do not have to be a registered candidate to apply for endorsement. Any student or alumnus who meets the criteria for the specific fellowship may apply for endorsement; no special consideration will be given to anyone simply because she or he has registered earlier as a candidate. The work of the endorsement committees is entirely separate from the work of coaching and mentoring carried out in Gervase. No one on the Gervase staff votes in the endorsement process. Nevertheless, we strongly urge students interested in fellowships to take full and early advantage of the focus and skill development candidacy affords.

To register as a fellowship candidate, please email Ms. Lauren Tuckley at