Raines Recipients 2018

Spencer Cook, SFS’20 – Mard al-Saratan: An Ethnography of Arab-American Families with Cancer

Agnes Donnelly, COL’19 – Protective Destruction: An Investigation into the Role of Cortical, Striatial, and Substantia Nigral Microglia in Parkinson’s Disease

Varsha Harish, COL’20 – Role of Phosphatase Inducers in Increasing Chemosensitivity of Medulloblastoma Cells

Clare Heine, SFS’19 – The State of North Carolina’s Public School Teachers

Siyu Liang, COL’20 – Documenting Ainu (Eynu)

Caroline Schauder, SFS’20 – Understanding Aadhaar: Why Some States in India Implement Aadhaar More Successfully than Others

Mia Vanderwilt, SFS’19 – Measuring mass balance change of glaciers in the Juneau Icefield and evaluating alternative methods of mass balance measurement