Lindsay Caprio, NHS’19 – The Role of Neuropeptide Y Receptor Y5 in Neuroblastoma Metastasis

Jessica Hickle, SFS’18 – A Question of Common Knowledge: Examining Civic Education and Legal Literacy in Tanzania

William Leo, COL’19 – Poetry and the Phenomenon: Phenomenology, Modernist Poetry, and the Nature of Being

Andrew (Ty) Loft, SFS’18 – Understanding Divergent Recoveries in Post-Conflict Mozambique’s Protected Areas

Annee Lyons, COL’18 – Religious Women in Herodotus: The Dreams and Realities of Female Worship

Simon Mairson, COL’18 – Nuclear Nationalism: The Political Complexities of the Atomic Scientist in France

Ayan Mandal, COL’18 – Probing the Neuronal Network Effects of a High Risk Gene for Alzheimer’s Disease