Pegah Bakhshi, COL’17 – Synthesis and Characterization of a Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor

Austin Hong, COL’18 – Timing of N20 Flux in New Jersey Tidal Wetlands

Claudia Huang, COL’17 – “By Studying Music, One Cannot Go Wrong”: Western Classical Music, Values, and Identity in Taiwan

Toby Hung, COL’18 – Preserving Zaramo: Documenting an Understudied Language of Tanzania

Khadija Khan, COL’17 – Intersections of Student Activism: Black Queen Womxn’s Imagination and South Africa’s 2015-16 Protests

Harshini Pyata, COL’17 – In Health There is Freedom: Assessing the Effects of the Village Healthcare Model on Community Empowerment in Rural Andhra Pradesh

Olivia Reyes, COL’17 – The Role of Railroad Networks in Flu Transmission During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in India