Raines Recipients 2019

Austin Corona, SFS’21 – Roots to Branches, the Future of Kuwait’s Indigenous Plant Species

Zachary Gallin, SFS’21 – The Role of NGOs in Jordanian HIV Prevention: A Medical Anthropology Study at Amman’s Forearms of Change Center

Claire Hazbun, SFS’21 – Understanding the Impact of the Cameroonian Diaspora on the Anglophone Crisis

Nicole McCloskey, SFS’22 – Children and Religious Conflict: Understanding NGOs’ Work to Mitigate the Effects of Religious Conflict on the Lives of Children in Mumbai

Caila McHugh, SFS’22 – Farming as Non-Violent Resistance: The State of Food Sovereignty in the West Bank

Ankushi Mitra, SFS’21 – Democratic Regimes, Democratic Outcomes? Examining the Vulnerabilities of Refugees and Migrants in Democracies

Ross Snyder, COL’21 – Isolation or Adaptation: The Impact of American Nationalism on U.S. Foreign Policy with Great Britain Europe, and Japan, 1919-1939