Monetary Award Structure

Funding for GUROP and Kalorama Summer Fellowships consist of three parts:

  • GUROP or Kalorama awards of $5000 ($2500 in May/June, $2500 in mid-August) and based on evaluations of the research experience provided by both student and faculty research mentor. Due later (mid-September) will be a progress report or paper focusing on the research and the research experience. This may be the introductory “chapter” in a larger paper or senior thesis.
  • Variable funding (maximum $300) to meet specific, approved expenses as detailed in the application. A request for more than $300 would be exceptional.
  • Further funding is possible for students who have a very high degree of need (as verified by the Office of Student Financial Services) and who demonstrably would not be able to participate without added assistance.

Alternative Funding

  • Any student with personal resources or funding from another source (e.g., supported by the faculty mentor’s grant, etc.) is encouraged to submit a complete application.
  • Any student willing to be funded only to meet specific expenses of a project is encouraged to apply.

Transcript Notation

All students who successfully complete a competitive summer GUROP or Kalorama research project will receive the following notation on their transcripts: “(Kalorama) Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Summer 2020.”