Summer 2023 Research Projects

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In summer 2023, nearly 70 undergraduates took part in one of the Center for Research & Fellowships-sponsored summer research fellowship programs. Below are the names of some of the projects, ones that participants have given us permission to share online.

Kalorama Fellowship Program

Russell Niglo Adzedu (SFS’25) – “Shifting Narratives: Exploring Generational Changes in Ghanaian Literary Depictions of Mental Illness”

Urooj Ahmed (CAS’24) – “Healthcare Barriers for Women in Rural Pakistan: The Rising Role of Collectivism as a Healing Practice”

Mariska Bogaard (CAS’24) – “We’re NOT All Doomed! Tone and Language in Twitter Interactions among Climate Change Academics”

Pietro Elie (CAS’24) – “Ma by Pietro Elie”

Areesha Fatima (GU-Q’25) – “Environmental Justice in Waste Management: The Case of Kasur”

Kathleen Felli (CAS’24) – “Defeminized: An Analysis of Black Womanhood Through Motherhood”

Lisa Kennedy (CAS’25) – “The Forest County Potawatomi’s Gamble on Gaming: A Historical-Legal Analysis of Tribal Gaming as an Engine of Political and Cultural Sovereignty”

Bernardo Medeiros (CAS’24) – “Putting Fires Out: State Governors as Subnational Agents of Deforestation Prevention in the Brazilian Amazon”

Angela Nguyen (CAS’24) – “Redefining War Crimes: The Bertrand Russell Tribunal’s Expansion of the Definition of War Crimes”

Sarah Pino (SOH’24) – “Developing the Bridge for Equitable Pandemic Preparation and Response: An Analysis of the Western Balkans”

Pace Schwarz (CAS’23) – “Revolutionary Language of Occupy Wall Street”

Charlotte Taylor (SFS’24) – “Urban Artivism: Street Art as a Tool of Indigenous Resistance in Brazilian Cities”

Daniel Turner (CAS’24) – “Images of an Illusory Past: The Role of History in the Changing American Far-Right”

Raines Fellowship Program

Daniella Arevalo (CAS’25) – “Bridging the Spaces Between Writing Centers and Low-Income, First Generation, and Working Class Students: Tutor Perspectives on Hiring, Training, and Tutoring” (collaborative)

Elene Chkhaidze (GU-Q’25) – “When One Door Closes, Another Opens: How has the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Shaped the Development Trajectory of the Middle Corridor?”

Natalie Kim (SFS’25) – “The Gap in the Images of South Korea: Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Media Coverage on LGBTQ+ Rights”

Liang Lin (SOH’24) and Anisha Patibandla (SOH’24) – “Health Literacy Among College and Graduate Students” (collaborative)

Ikram Muhammedsani (SOH’25) – “Key Factors Influencing Student Experience in Government Schools in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan: A Qualitative Study of Teacher and Parent Perspectives” (collaborative)

Neval Mulaomerovic (SFS’24) – “Motivations Driving Japanese Remilitarization: Assessing Influences from Domestic Leadership, Regional Actors, and Global Security Conditions”

Isabel Powell (CAS’24) – “Public Health Interest in the United States: A Broad Analysis of Internet Usage Patterns”

Haley Wexelblatt (CAS’24) – “Intestinal Epithelial Permeability in Giardiasis”

SMURF Program

Naama Ben-Dor (CAS’26) – “In Vitro Inhibition of the 20S Neuronal Membrane Proteasome on Network  Activity and Plasticity in Mice Hippocampal Culture”

Kate Bohigian (SOH’25) – “From Obstacles to Opportunities: A Summer of Learning in Psychological Research”

Heather Doherty (COL’24) – “What Makes Someone Charismatic?”

Alexandria Henderson (CAS’24) – “Studying First Appearances in Court by Video”

Lawrence Kim (CAS’25) – “Geltrex Cell Culture and CUBIC Tissue Clearing: Enhanced Methods for Studying Glial Cells”

Ariel Le (SOH’24) – “Barriers and Facilitators to Shared Decision-Making and Lung Cancer Screening Among Individuals Who Use The Maryland Tobacco Quitline”

Ingrid Leigh (CAS’24) – “Overexpressing and Purifying the Phosphatase Siw14 to Measure the Activity due to Magnesium”

Dua Mobin (COL’25) – “Defining Metabolic Heterogeneity ER+ Breast Cancer Cells Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy”

Brandon Peng (SOH’24) – “Investigation of Transcriptional Drivers of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma”

Tharun Potluri (SOH’25) – “Does Dermal Fibrosis Lead to Epidermal Dyschromia Within the Skin?”

Nicole Saad (CAS’26) – “Determining the Effect of MEK Inhibitors on the Metabolism of CD4+ T-Cells”

Nadia Sadanandan (SOH’24) – “The Role of Tumor Associated Macrophages and Interleukin-6 in Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma”

Omar Sbaih (CAS’26) – “An Exploration of Projects beyond MDMA Pharmacology”

Jonas Schemm (CAS’24) – “Examining Mechanisms of Redox-Based Quinolinal Resistance in Plasmodium Falciparum”

Daniel Vizcarra (SFS’24) – “Longer Larval Development Time in Populations of Ae. albopictus Mosquitoes that Do Not Require Blood to Reproduce”

Elizabeth Wells (CAS’24) – “Trimming Tiers – Motivations and Means for De-Tiering Select Agents”