Winners: Raines & AAP 2013

Thomas Christiansen, COL ’15

“Role Model or Fluke? An Examination Of Inner Mongolia’s Rapidly Growing Microcredit Industry”

Matthew Hoffmann, COL ‘ 14

“Cost-effective Nanoparticle Catalysts for the Methanol Fuel Cell”

Alyssa Huberts, SFS ’14

“Learning Curves: Are Development Marketplaces a Zero-Sum Game?”

Evan Markley, COL ’15

“Teaching the Old Dogs New Tricks: Why the Institutional Structure of Traditional Universities Impedes Innovation, and How to Reinvent the System for a New Educational Era”

Andrew Morrison, COL ’15

“A Statistical Way of Teaching Writing”

Josephine Suh, SFS ’14

“From Hermit Kingdom to Globalized G20: The Development of South Korean Foreign Policy”

Dennis Quinn, COL ’15

“Developing a New Measure for Enfranchisement and Democratic Representation”