Winners: Raines & AAP 2011

Eric Mooring, COL ’12
“Understanding the distribution of resources in fragmented salt marsh habitat”

Shea Houlihan, SFS ’13
“Stopping Traffic: Assessing UN Efforts to halt Trafficking in Persons”

Patrick Gavin, COL ’12
“Stopping Fraud or Stopping Voting? The Effects of Identification Requirements on Voting Behavior in Urban Homeless Populations in the United States”

Holly Tao, SFS ’12
“Organogels for Art Restoration”

Andrew Wojtanik, SFS ’12
“Arming Africa: A Study of Foreign Armed Support in African Civil Wars”

Sharanbir Grewal, SFS ’13
“An Analysis of Compliance and Effectiveness of the European Court of Human Rights”

Jacqueline Fritz, SFS ’12
“German Population Patterns: An Analysis of Demographic Trends Before and After Unification”

Jessica Robbins, SFS ’12
“Effects of human waste compost on soil quality in subsistence agriculture in Haiti”