Winners: Raines & AAP 2009

Ross Berg COL 2011
“The Lion in Oxford: Martin D’Arcy and the New Campion Hall”

Angela Crandall SFS 2010
“Neighborly Considerations: Climate Change Adaptation in Lake Victoria”

Chelsea Feldman NHS 2011
“Biochemical and cytological analysis of the RGD motif present in the N-terminus luminal domain of GPNMB”

Daniel Nowicki SFS 2010
“Fighting desertification through localized reforestation: Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration in the Zinder region of Niger”

Emily Solis-Cohen SFS 2010
“The Human Terrain System and Its Implications for Counterinsurgency Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beyond”

Kathryn Tucker NHS 2011
“Intimate Partner Violence Among Native American Populations: Causes, Consequences, and Response”

Salome Viljoen COL 2011
“Science and Social Conscience: The Eugenics Records Office’s impact on state sterilization laws, 1927-1939”