Winners: Raines & AAP 2007

Alexandra Blaszczuk SFS 2008
“Integrating the “Other”: the UK, the EU, and the Integration of Migrants”

Allison Boyd NHS 2008
“Identification of genetic linkages among transmitted drug-resistant mutations in the HIV-1 virus in Washington, DC”

Alexander Bozmoski SFS 2008
“Money that grows on trees: local and institutional risk perceptions of carbon-forestry governance in the Morogoro region of Tanzania”

John Carlson SFS 2009
“Bucchero Stemmed Plates and Compass-drawn Decorative Motives from the Acropolis at Poggio Colla”

Ryan Hughes COL 2008
“The Gibbs Phenomenon in Functions of Two Variables:”

Theodore Svoronos SFS 2008
“Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: Mobile Phones for Health in Rwanda”