Winners: Raines & AAP 2006

Stephanie Brown COL 2007
“Future of Nationalism and Regionalism in a Developing European Union”

David Fajgenbaum NHS 2007
“The University Response to College Student Bereavement”

Bradley Gorski COL 2008
“Nabokov vs. Nabokov: A literary investigation of linguistic relativity”

Chantal Grinderslev SFS 2007
“The Changing Paradigm of International Aid: A Case Study of Senegal”

Zoe Marks SFS 2007
“Perspectives from a primary school and a conflict prevention and resolution project”

Virginia Shalkey COL 2007
“Sex Differences in the Cardiovascular Response to Aldosterone Infusion”

Dominique Shure SFS 2008
“Second Language Acquisition: How Public Schools Are Failing at Integration and Assimilation”