Winners: Raines & AAP 2004

Sheerine Alemzadeh SFS 2006
“Zaynab vs. Fatimeh: Female Identity and Public Participation in the Islamic Republic of Iran”

Ruthie Coffman SFS 2006
“Community-Driven “Development as Freedom:” A case study of the Center for Community Action in Roberson County, North Carolina”

Ianitza Ianachkova SFS 2006
Seed Grant*

Jonathan Kirschner SFS 2006
“The Influence of Local Elites in Setting the Development Agenda, Case Study: The Dominican Republic”

Emily Langer COL 2006
“Reckoning with the Risiera di San Sabba”

Kip Richardson COL 2006
“Robert G. Ingersoll and the American Secularist Movement: Reassessment of a Cultural Icon Through Newly Discovered Manuscripts”

Anna Staudenmeyer NHS 2007
“Situational Comparisons of HIV/AIDS- Mbarara, Uganda and Belle Glade, Florida”

Vikram Tamboli COL 2006
Seed Grant*

Sarah Wappett COL 2006
Seed Grant*

*Seed Grants were given this year because of a special funding situation.  Grants like this cannot be expected every year.