For Faculty: Overview & Requirements

GUROP seeks to enhance the academic status of undergraduate mentored and independent original research, and to assure that students participating in research will have increased intellectual involvement in research projects. If you would like to work with our talented undergraduates in this way, we invite you to begin the process described below. 

While GUROP is an unfunded, experiential learning opportunity, students may be compensated through a faculty member’s own sponsored research funds, or through departmental work/study funds. In such cases, the faculty’s department facilitates payment, if appropriate.

Registration Process

First, the student must complete a pre-enrollment form, which can be found here. The deadline to complete the pre-enrollment form is midnight on Friday, June 10, 2022.

All students participating in research for a minimum number of hours per term (60 hours) will have a no-credit undergraduate research “UROP” course entry added to their other courses listed, provided the student-faculty research team applies for GUROP and the faculty confirms completion of the research requirement (hours and other duties). 

“Grading” for (G)UROP is required: at the end of the semester, faculty will find UROP among their courses taught.

A “CP” grade will confer the notation; a “NC” grade will mean the student did not complete the time requirement, but NO entry will be made, i.e., no Ws, Fs, incompletes, etc.

There is no penalty if it happens that the student does not meet the requirements, and GUROP would like the student and faculty to try again.

All students doing ample research during the academic year, and/or who have a successful proposal for mentored or independent research will be eligible to apply for competitive grants to fund a full-time research experience (typically in the summer term).